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SuperShot is a simple but useful screenshot program. 

How to use:

After you started, it runs at background. When you press Print Screen button, it activates itself. You can select anywhere on the screen. After that, SuperShot shows you the toolbox. You can choose copying to the clipboard, picking color from the selection or saving the selected image. After you choose, it goes background for waiting your next shot. It starts automatically on windows startup.

Known Issues:

- Doesn't support multiple monitors.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Is there any way to save in png rather than jpg?


Just click to "Save as type" box.

Oh my god, I don't know why I didn't think to do that. Thanks!


Thank you so much for this tool! This is great for my elderly parents who are not accustomed to taking screenshots and using Paint to crop and save! Saves them (and me) from a lot of frustration!

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I love the idea of this, but I'm using 2 different monitors :(


That´s a pretty nice tool. Thank you for making it. Propably the easiest way to capture the screen i´ve seen so far!


The main problem I'm having with it that it doesn't capture my full screen. it cuts off a majority of it. If it wasn't for that I could see myself using this a lot more as it's definitely way easier than having to run to paint every time I want to crop a screenshot so I can send it.

Well, if you're using windows doing win+shift+s makes you go into screenshot select mode and once you choose the area you want to screenshot it auto saves to clipboard.

How do I uninstall? Decided the snip and sketch tool for windows 10 worked much better, and that zoomed in view of my screen during SuperShot screenshots looks terrible now. Really wanted to like this app as I got it in a Racial Justice Bundle.


Right Click to System Tray Icon of SuperShot > Uncheck the "Run At Startup"

Right Click to System Tray Icon Again > Exit

It's Done.

Cool thanks

This sounds like a great light weight app - but I can't get it to work.  Pressing the PrintScreen button doesn't activate anything.  I restarted the computer  - the tool is loaded in my system tray - but it won't load :(

Hmm, interesting. I developed the app at .net 4.5 framework. Maybe you don't have .net 4.5 in your system. Please try to install this:


thanks for the reply - I'll give this a shot!

Turns out I already had the framework installed.  Thanks again for trying to troubleshoot.


Really like this! I seem to be having an error with the multiple monitors function but I don't really find that to be too big of an issue, I can just move
applications to another window. I seem to have this glitch where it only captures a small portion of my screen. Is there any fix for this or some way users could configure their resolution, etc?

Hi, on the code side, I'm using screen borders. It should capture at least full size of a monitor. But if your screen resolutions are different, maybe it makes problem. I have just one monitor. So I can't test it for multiple monitor or different resolution scenarios. 

If I have two monitors in future, I will update the application. But now, I can't do it. Sorry for that.


Thank you for clarifying! That gives me the info I need no worries, my resolutions are different so that prolly explains it, I'll just use it only when I have one screen connected ^^;; regardless it is a very useful app, and thank you for responding so fast!! 

Is there functionality for multiple monitors? I can only seem to get my second monitor to be selectable when I hit print screen.

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Hi, I have one monitor, so I couldn't try it. But I searched it for google and I learned some tricks. I  have changed source code for the focusing the screen  that has the mouse cursor. Please download v1.1. It must work now. Don't forget to close and delete old one before start the new version, please.

By the way, I don't know how to make it work at two or more screen at the same time. But if it works on the your focused screen, it probably help to fix your usability problem. 

I would appreciate if you inform me about the results.

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Hmm, I deleted the only one and installed the new one but it still seems to only bring up Monitor 2, no matter where the mouse is or which monitor the focused window is on. I have tried it with no windows open as well, and it still just grabs the second one. The other strange thing is that it pulls up the interface on my main monitor now, so it obviously is correctly making use of the monitors. I greatly appreciate you trying to resolve this, please let me know if there's anything else I can try on my end to help you out.

Really nice!


Actually pretty good, liked it


i thought this might have some 4th wall break kinda thing like ddlc or desktop goose, but it is what it says on the box.